Up-to-Date Vietnam T-shirt Price List In 2024

Learn why there is such interest in Vietnamese t-shirts among wholesalers. You can learn about Vietnam t-shirt prices by reading this post.

Vietnam is a preferred country for merchants around the world because the country is known for offering quality apparel at meager prices. This post will explain what factors affect the Vietnam t-shirt price and how one could get the best offers on Vietnamese t-shirts.

1. The current Vietnam t-shirt price list

The price of a shirt can differ significantly for different products depending on the quality, brand, and design in Vietnam. Here are some of the ranges for Vietnam t-shirt price:

Street Markets and Small Shops Mid-Range Stores Designer Brands Tailored Shirts
The uncomplicated, plain shirts can be bought for as low as 100000VND to 300000VND, or $4 to $13, at local markets or mom-and-pop stores. More varieties can be seen in mid-price outlets that can be seen in malls and other strategic commercial outlets. A good quality shirt from a mid-end shop would range from 300000 to 800000 VND which is 13 – 35 USD. They can be a lot higher if you’re looking for branded or seasonal clothing items such as suits. Currently, the price of designer shirts ranges from 1,000,000 VND to several million VND ($43 USD). Vietnam is also famous for its custom made outfit services, especially in the cities of through Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An. Based on the fabric and the degree of intricacy in designs, a shirt that is tailored to the individual client’s preference would range anywhere between 500,000 to 2,000,000 VND ($22-$87) or more.

Otherwise, as compared to the global market, Vietnam t-shirt price are generally considered to be more affordable. Buying Vietnamese shirts will give you a better quality product for the same price as you would pay for substandard ones.


The current Vietnam t-shirt price list

2. Factors that affect the Vietnam t-shirt price

When buying a T-shirt, the first aspect to consider is the price tag attached to it. Thus, Vietnam t-shirt price depends on the factory, type of fabric, patterns and graphics, quantity, style, and the total number of shirts to be ordered.

2. 1. Type of fabric

The production costs of various textiles may defer which might influence the final Vietnam t-shirt price.

  • The cost of fabric used in a T-shirt is one of the leading factors determining the production cost of the T-shirt. When comparing synthetic textiles such as nylon or polyester to natural textiles such as cotton or linen, the former usually costs less than the latter. For example, cotton is more costly than synthetic material which can be manufactured within a short period because the cultivation and the process of harvesting are a bit complicated. Therefore, the final Vietnam t-shirt price will be determined by the nature of the fabric to be used and the price of the material to be incorporated.
  • Another factor that determines the Vietnam t-shirt price is the fabric construction method. It can be seen that the type of material used may determine the kind of machinery and personnel required for the production of the cloth. As a result of this, many steps are involved in the production of natural fibers when compared to synthetic fibers. Thus, the dying procedure has an impact on the cost of manufacture as well. Some fabrics are more expensive because they can be colored more elaborately. The cost of manufacture and, therefore, the price of the Vietnam T-shirt depends on all of these factors.
  • The quality of the fabric is also an important determinant of the price of the finished product as well as the cost of production. A higher quality fabric is more costly than a lower quality fabric because of the additional stages and quality control methods required to produce a good fabric and maintain this quality consistently. This fabric attribute may influence the shirt’s appearance, feel, and sustainability in its entirety. The final Vietnam t-shirt price could be influenced by wholesalers who are willing to spend more on better-quality products.

The choice of material also helps to determine the Vietnam t-shirt price and the appearance of the shirt contributing to the improvements in the comfort and confidence of the wearer.

2. 2. Pictures and designs painted on the t-shirts

Several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the chosen color, and the scale of the pattern or image, can determine the Vietnam t-shirt price.

  • Plain t-shirts with a simple design, especially a single color print will cost less in Vietnam than a complex design that may require much detail or a design with many colors. This is because it is always cheaper to produce a T-shirt with a simple one-color logo as compared to that with numerous colors or logos.
  • The Vietnam t-shirt price may also be higher if it is an individually made product or if it has a design or picture that was made specifically for the T-shirt to take extra time in the production of such a product.
  • The printing technique also affects the Vietnam t-shirt price. Heat transfer printing costs are different from the cost of digital printing as is the cost of screen printing. For example, one of the most widely used processes in the business, screen printing, increases the t-shirt price in Vietnam since a new screen has to be created for each color applied. Nonetheless, digital printing is comparatively cheaper for printing T-shirts with complex images since the process does not involve the use of screens and is much more flexible.

The Vietnam t-shirt price depends on the pattern and the graphics that are printed on the t-shirt. Hence, while placing an order, wholesalers should consider the price of T-shirts produced in Vietnam.

2. 3. The number of t-shirts that need sewing

The Vietnam t-shirt price will go down with the number of purchases. The same applies to using any service or buying any product that may be available in the market.

  • It is also important to understand that every business, including T-shirt sewing factories, will have its policies regarding the Vietnam t-shirt price that they will offer about the quantity of T-shirts ordered. Vietnam T-shirts purchased in larger quantities will be significantly cheaper than those ordered in smaller lots, such as a few hundred pieces.
  • Another factor that has a direct impact on the Vietnam t-shirt price is the cost of the materials employed in making the garments. The cost of the material used in making each t-shirt decreases with an increased number of t-shirts produced. This is because materials are bought in large quantities, and the cost per unit reduces as more of them are bought. Thus, the cost of materials per t-shirt will be cheaper and the price per t-shirt can be cheaper if a bulk quantity of t-shirts is needed.
  • Labor expenses significantly affect the determination of Vietnam t-shirt prices. Hence as more t-shirts are produced the cost of labor per t-shirt reduces. This is so that many units can come together and split the fixed cost of staffing the company. The amount of time taken to produce every t-shirt also reduces with time as workers learn how to become more efficient. Therefore, if a large number of t-shirts are ordered, the price per individual t-shirt can be lowered and hence the labor cost per t-shirt will decrease as well.

In conclusion, Vietnam t-shirt price depends on the number of t-shirts ordered for sewing or production. This is due to economies of scale since a larger volume of t-shirts is needed, cheaper labor costs or materials, and cheaper materials. Thus, by making more t-shirts, they are capable of offering their clients a lower price per t-shirt.

2. 4. Style of T-shirt

The Vietnam T-shirt models will be priced slightly differently due to the different styles of each model.

  • Shirts with detailed prints, patterns, or logos could be more expensive because their creation is time-consuming and requires more resources.
  • This is because T-shirts designed by popular fashion companies or designers in Vietnam are rare and expensive when compared to other ordinary T-shirts.
  • T-Shirts that hug the body or what is referred to as tailored t-shirts will cost more than those that are just casual wear.

Taking everything into consideration, one can conclude that T-shirt style can greatly influence the price of Vietnam T-shirts.

2. 5. Size of factory

These elements mentioned above are the basis for calculating the Vietnam T-shirt manufacturing cost; nevertheless, the cost of the uniform is dependent on the manufacturer.

  • Choosing a reliable and professional sewing factory will lead to producing T-shirts from quality materials at Vietnam T-shirt prices.
  • The cost of production of Vietnam T-shirts may also be determined by the efficiency of the factory. A factory may also be slow in producing a T-shirt if it is using old production machinery or suboptimal production processes. It could also lead to increased costs of production and, in effect, place pressure on consumer prices. But a T-shirt factory that is well-installed with modern cutting-edge technology to produce the shirts may do it at a cheaper price to be able to offer cheaper rates to the customers.
  • Vietnam clothing pricing may also depend on the location of the factory. Overhead costs may also be high due to high labor costs if the factory is located in such an area, meaning that the price of Vietnam clothing for sale will be high.

The above-listed factors should be well understood by the wholesalers to enable them to identify a suitable t-shirt manufacturer to deal with and get cheap Vietnam t-shirt prices.


Factors that affect the Vietnam t-shirt price

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Vinaz Garment is one of the largest producers of apparel in Vietnam; it is a company that is well known for its ability to provide high-quality apparel at relatively cheap prices. They offer a wide range of T-shirt designs and the fabrics they employ for producing their products are of premium quality and durable.

Among them, Vinaz Garment is your best choice if you are looking for the biggest Vietnam clothing suppliers to buy Vietnam T-shirts in bulk. Ideally, it is recommended that you carry out a comparison of Vietnam t-shirt prices and do some research in addition to reading the reviews of other people.